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Metal Detecting: Fisher Metal Detectors
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Fisher F2 (Click link for current price)

fisher_f2_detector The newest addition to the Fisher Digital Target ID metal detector line. Packed with the most desirable features in a coin-relic metal detector at a very low price.
Recommended for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting

• 8-segment visual target identification • 4-tone audio target identification • Fast, sensitive target response • 2-digit numeric target value
•Pinpoint with numeric depth readout • Coin depth in motion search mode • 8 inch concentric searchcoil • 2.6 pounds including batteries
• Ergonomic S-handle design • Notch discrimination

F2-11DD Upgrade to 11" DD Bi-Axial Coil
• Increase Depth • Better Target Separation • Big Footprint: Cover More Ground Faster • Better in Mineralized Soils • Great for European Hunting Conditions

Fisher F4 (Click link for current price)

fisher_f4_detector Fishers affordable digital solution to your metal detector problems. The perfectly balanced machine is the perfect balance of features and cost. This quality digital metal detector gives you more bang for your buck. It is loaded with features in a compact, lightweight, user friendly package.
Recommended for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting


• 11" Segment digital target ID High Deep Seeking Auto Tune with manual ground balance • Visual target ID by category  • 4-tone audio feedback • 2-digit numeric target value • One-touch notch immediately eliminates unwanted targets • Fisher's deep-seeking auto-tune mode • One-touch pinpoint • Coin depth indicator

Fisher F5 (Click link for current price)

fisher_f5_detector Combining the best analog and digital technology
with a 10 inch elliptical coil.


• All metal mode for deep searching in non-trashy areas • Target ID with confidence bar graph • High resolution manual ground balance • Ground balance range goes all the way to salt • Continuous display of ground condition and phase • Push-button pinpoint w/ variable pitch and depth • Independent gain and threshold knobs • 40 hours of operation on two 9 volt batteries • Operating frequency 7.8 kHz

F5-11DD Upgrade to 11" DD Axial Coil
• Increase Depth • Better Target Separation • Big Footpring: cover more ground faster • Better in Mineralized soils

Fisher F70 (Click link for current price)

fisher_f70_detector Advanced performance at a reasonable price.
A great primary detector or backup for your F75.

• Frequency shift for eliminating interference • Detailed visual target ID & superb depth • Discrimination responsiveness for serious hunting under difficult conditions • Waterproof coil & versatile controls to cancel out interference from salt water • Independent threshold and sensitivity controls • Large LCD Screen with target ID • Low operating cost with 40+ hours on 4 AA batteries.

Upgrade to 11" DD Axial Coil
• Increase Depth • Better Target Separation • Big Footpring: cover more ground faster • Better in Mineralized soils

Fisher F-Point Pinpointer

fisher_fpoint_pinpointer The Fisher F-Point is basically a small metal detector used to pinpoint the exact location of metal objects. It can be used
along with a standard metal detector to determine the exact location of coins or other small targets. It can also be used alone as a stud finder, or any project requiring you to know the exact location
of any metal object.

Fisher F75 (Click link for current price)

fisher_f75_detector Fishers new state of the art target ID metal detector. The F75 is the most advanced digital metal detector that Fisher has ever offered in it's superb line up of quality machines. The problems that metal detectorist face like bad ground mineralization, junky areas, and deep target ID are all behind you with this sophisticated, but user friendly, machine.

• Best ergonomics in the industry-period • Phenomenal target separation and “see through” F75 Metal Detector Fisher Labs 75 Years Special Edition • Large LCD Screen with Target Identification Discrimination modes for searching in trashy areas • Ground Cancellation Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph Read Out • Trigger-actuated target pinpointing with variable audio pitch • Nonvolatile memory saves settings • Superior Electrical Interference Rejection Backlight • Low Operating Cost - More than 30 hours with 4-AA Batteries

Fisher Gold Bug Pro with 5 inch DD widescan coil (Click link for current price)

The newest Gold Bug has revolutionized gold prospecting machines in performance and price. Unlike other specialized gold prospecting fisher_gold_bug_pro_detectormachines, this unit hunts it all; relics, coins and jewelry. Experience the freedom and excitement of searching for all types of treasure. Automatic or manual ground balance to handle the toughest ground mineralization plus super sensitivity adds up to a great nugget detector. Discrimination and target ID make it a great all around machine.


• Threshold and Gain Adjustments • 1/4 and 1/8 Inch Headphone Jacks • 1 - 9V Power Supply • Lightest Weight • 2 Search Modes: All-Metal and Discriminate • Large LCD Screen • 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display • Large Target Alert • Depth Readout and Running Signal Strength Indicator • No-Motion Pinpoint • Ground Grab and Manual Ground Balance Options • Continious Ground Phase and Ground Mineralization Readout • 2 Tone VCO • Super Sensitive


Fisher Gold Bug  (Click link for current price)

The basic Gold Bug is essentially the same as the Gold Bug Pro with a few less features. For the prospector on a budget it is the perfect tool. A fisher_gold_bug_detectorfew less discrimination features and the lack of manual ground balance are the basic difference between the standard Gold Bug and the Gold Bug Pro. The automatic ground balance will still handle the toughest ground mineralization and the super sensitivity adds up to a great nugget detector. Discrimination and target ID make it a great all around machine.

5 inch DD Coil

Fisher Gold Bug 2  sizes, 6 & 10 inch coil

Fisher Gold Bug 2  sizes, 6 & 10 inch coil

Take prospecting to new levels with the second generation of Gold Bug, the ultra high frequency Gold Bug-2. The Gold Bug-2 is designed for fisher_gold_bug_2_detectorfinding gold nuggets. It offers extraordinary sensitivity, ultrahigh frequency (the highest operating frequency on the market), iron-discrimination, dust and moisture resistance, audio-boost and the ability to operate in extremely mineralized soil with a 3 position mineralization switch.

Features • Powerful 71 kHz Operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets
• “IRON DISC” mode rejects iron (trash) targets and hot rocks.
• Resistant to dust and moisture
• Boosts audio signal of small and deep targets
• Convertible to hip mount or chest mount >br> • Weighs only 2.9 lbs.
• Quartz-crystal locked electronics.
• Dual-knob ground control for coarse and fine adjustment

Fisher 8 & 10 in. coil

Under Water All-Purpose Metal Detector Discriminating, simple to use, rugged & affordable. The deep-seeking, submersible, Aquanaut fisher_1280_x_detectorfeatures automatic turn on-and-go operation for salt water, fresh water or land use. VLF discrimination, target strength LED and our patented quartz-crystal circuitry offers up to 75 hours of battery life. For added ease of use, the control box converts to a belt mount.

• Submersible for Underwater Treasure Hunts
• Automatic turn-on-and-go operation
• Salt water, fresh water or land use
• Leakproof to 250 feet

• Up to 75 hours of battery life
• Ignores small pieces of trash
• Patented quartz-crystal circuitry
• Converts to belt mount
• Audio and visual target response
• Adjustable Sensitivity control
• Full Range Target Discrimination
• Built-in headphones
• Weighs 5.1 pounds

Fisher GEMINI-3

Find deep metal objects or trace buried wire and pipes Fishers two box has a reputation for being the best. Goes deeper, & traces farther! fisher_gemini_3Two box treasure hunters know that Fisher's Gemini-3 has a reputation for being the best there is. Designed to locate deep objects; depending on ground mineralization and target size objects may be detected as deep as 20 feet! The Gemini-3 goes deeper, traces farther and is easier to use than any other cache finder in its class.

Detects all metals: Sensitive to large, deep objects or ore veins • Crystal controlled: 82 kHz transmitter and receiver • Four mode operation: Inductive Trace, Conductive Trace, Wide Scan Inductive Trace and Narrow Scan Inductive Trace • Optional Ground Plate Assembly for long distance underground tracing • 60 cycle noise reduction circuitry • VCO audio target response for precision pinpointing • Operates on standard AA batteries

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