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Metal Detecting: Tesoro Metal Detectors
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Tesoro metal detectors
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Mr. Detector is an authorized Tesoro dealer.

Lobo SuperTRAQ  (Click link for current price)
Computerized Ground Tracking with Three Modes

Lodo SuperTRAQ
Lodo SuperTRAQ The Lobo SuperTRAQ is simply one of the finest gold nugget metal detectors you can buy. Tesoro's SuperTRAQ Computerized Ground Tracking System solves the detectorist's greatest problem-ground balancing. No matter where you hunt, the Lobo SuperTRAQ will quickly self-adjust to eliminate minerals letting you find more gold with ease. Discrimination circuitry with instant pinpointing at your fingertips takes the awesome power of the Lobo SuperTRAQ into every type of metal detecting you do.

No other detector gives you the fast, accurate and reliable ground tracking in normal and severe soils like the Lobo SuperTRAQ. Tesoro's famous discrimination circuitry lets you relic and coin hunt too.

Features include:

• SuperTRAQ Computerized • Ground Tracking System • VLF 17.5 kHz Frequency • Pole or Body Mount • 10" Elliptical Widescan Coil
• Three Ground Tracking Modes: Normal Soil, Alkali, Black Sand • Ultra-Smooth Operation in Extreme Mineralization • MAXBoost Sensitivity • 3-piece Knockdown Pole • Silent Search Discriminate Mode.
Available in gold or grey. Please specify when ordering. Mr. Detector is a Gold Star authorized Tesoro dealer.

Vaquero Metal Detector  (Click link for current price)
High output technology with 3-3/4Turn Ground Adjust

Vaquero metal detector
Vaquero-logo If you want to buy one metal detector that will fill your needs as a manual ground balance nugget shooter and a discriminating coin/relic detector then this is your baby. Relic hunters and prospectors want an adjustable ground balance. Competition hunters want a frequency shifter. Everyone wants a push button pinpoint to make targets easier to dig. The Tesoro engineers have combined all of these features into one machine that will handle just about any type of terrain that you may encounter. No other detector can match the Vaquero for adaptability, sensitivity and survivability.

The main part of the Vaquero’s versatility is its three and three-quarters manually adjusted ground balance. This will give the detectorist the power to set up his machine to best suit the mineralization conditions that he is working in and his personal treasure hunting style.

Features include:

• MicroMAX Design • VLF 14 kHz Frequency • One Drop-in 9V Battery • Variable Threshold • 3 3/4 Turn External Ground Balance
• Ultra-lightweight Design • 9x8 Monolithic Coil • 3-Piece Knockdown Pole

Click Vaquero Logo to learn more about this item from Tesoro. Mr. Detector is a Gold Star authorized Tesoro dealer.

Tejon Metal Detector  (Click link for current price)
Adjustable Audio Tone with Dual Discrimination

tejon detector

tejon-logo The Tejón was designed from the ground up with the coin and relic hunter in mind but the high frequency and manual ground balance feature qualify it as a respectable gold prospecting detector. The Tejón has two discriminate modes that are fully user definable. The regular discriminate also incorporates a full-time all metal setting. Want to hunt in all metal and check the targets for iron or discriminate out iron and perform a check for high value silver or gold targets? It’s no problem for the Tejón. Push the trigger forward to activate the Alternate Discriminate or pull the trigger back to pinpoint the target. But the user definable features do not stop there. The Tejón has a manually adjustable ground balance that works for both the All Metal mode and both Discriminate modes

Features include:

• Dual ED180 Discrimination Circuits • Easy To Use Trigger Mode Switch • MAXBoost Sensitivity Adjustable • 3 3/4 Turn Ground Control • Compatible With Lobo SuperTRAQ Coils • Operating Frequency 17.2 to 17.6 kHz • Searchcoil Size 9 x 8

Click Tejon Logo to learn more about this item from Tesoro. Mr. Detector is a Gold Star authorized Tesoro dealer.

cibola-logo #T-TD042

(Click link for current price)

The Tesoro Cibola combines H.O.T. circuitry with turn-on- and-go simplicity. The Cibola’s main search mode is an ED 180 Silent Search discriminate. A threshold-based All Metal is accessed by the Push Button Pinpoint mode.

• Multiple Frequency
• Pushbutton Pinpoint
• One Drop-in 9V Battery
• Variable Threshold
• Ultra-lightweight Design
• 9x8 Monolithic Coil
• 3-Piece Knockdown Pole

silver-logo #T-TD037

(Click link for current price)

The Tesoro Silver μMax offers strong, silent and simple operation. The Silver μMax uses a microprocessor to control the audio tone and battery test. It will come with an 8" Concen- tric coil and our latest plastic faceplate.


• VLF 10 kHz Frequency
• Adjustable sensitivity
• One Drop-in 9 volt Battery
• Push Button Battery Test
• Silent Search Discriminate Mode
• Silent Search All Metal Mode
• 8" Concentric Coil

compadre #T-TD033
(Click link for current price)

The Tesoro Compadre was designed with the idea that less is more. It works great for coin hunting, competition hunting and relic hunting. Switch on the detector and you’re working in a silent search, motion all metal mode. The far- ther you turn the knob, the more discrimination you can bring to bear on those trashy sites.


• VLF 12 kHz Frequency
• Silent Search All Metal
• Single Knob Simplicity
• 5.75" Concentric Coil
• 3-Piece Knockdown Pole

Tesoro Cortez    T-TD038  (Click link for current price)


cortez-logo The Tesoro Cortez is a microprocessor controlled metal detec- tor that combines state-of-the-art digital target identification with easy to use analog controls. With the Cortez you do not need endless books and videos to "unlock" it's secrets. Simply turn it on and your ready to hunt. In the discriminate mode the ground balance is preset so there is no need to fiddle with a bunch of controls. For the more experienced user, who may be searching in more difficult ground conditions, the ALL Metal mode offers a fully adjustable ground balance to cope with almost any soil mineralization.


Features include:

• Microprocessor Controlled • Digital Target ID • Two Digit Target ID 0-95 • Coin Depth and Battery Level Indicators • Multiple Tone Target ID • Operating Frequency 10 kHz • Search coil Size 9 x 8 Concentric • Weight (may vary slightly) 2.98 lbs. • Battery Requirement Eight AA (alkaline) • Battery Life (typical) 10 to 20 hours • Operating Modes: No Motion All Metal • Silent Search Discriminate- Sum • Notch Narrow/Wide

Click Cortez Logo to learn more about this item from Tesoro. Mr. Detector is a Gold Star authorized Tesoro dealer.

DeLeon Metal Detector   T-TD041  (Click link for current price)


deLeon-logo The Tesoro DeLeón is a Target Identification Detector or T.I.D. The DeLeón is designed as an easy to use, turn-on-and-go detector. The faceplate has only four controls: Sensitivity, Discriminate, Threshold and a Mode Switch. It uses the same circuitry as the Cortés, so you can expect the same depth and sensitivity from the DeLeón that the Cortés is well known for. The DeLeón’s display screen is one character high by eight characters wide. The DeLeón has a Coin Depth reading, a five segment bar graph and a two-digit Target ID Number. The bar graph shows several categories for ID purposes.

Features include:

• Microprocessor Control • Digital Target ID • Two Digit Target ID Number • Coin Depth Indicator • Operating Frequency 10 kHz • Searchcoil Concentric Searchcoil Size 9 x 8 • Weight (may vary slightly) 2.98 lbs • Battery Requirement Eight AA (alkaline) • Battery Life (typical) 10 to 20 hours Optimum • Operating Modes: No Motion • All Metal & Silent Search Discriminate

Click DeLeon Logo to learn more about this item from Tesoro. Mr. Detector is a Gold Star authorized Tesoro dealer.

(Click link for current price)

The Tesoro Golden μMax has full size depth, sensitivity, Four Tone Audio ID and a user adjustable Notch Filter Discriminate all placed into the lightest detector housing on the market. At less than 2 1⁄2 pounds, the Golden μMax lets you control what
you want to find.


• MicroMAX Design goldenmicromaxangled
• Low Noise Circuitry
• 9 x 8 Coil VLF 10 kHz Frequency
• One Drop-in 9 volt Battery
• Silent Search Discriminate Mode
• No-Motion All Metal Mode
• 4 Tone Audio ID
• Positive Pole Locking System


sand-shark-logo #T-TD030 and TD031
(Click link for current price)

The waterproof Tesoro Sand Shark combines time-proven PI circuits with the latest digital technology creating an excellent microprocessor controlled PI detector. Pulse Induction (PI) detectors have always been the natural choice for working wet salt beaches. Their circuitry and single loop coils will not see changes in saltwater conductivity that drive a VLF-style detector crazy.


• Maximum Depth: 200 ft. sandsharkangled
• 600 pps Operating Frequency
• Weighs Less Than 4-1/2 lbs.
• Modes: VCO Motion All Metal Adjustable Frequency
• All-Metal Uses 8 AA Batteries
• Stereo Piezo Headphones


tiger-shark-logo  #T-TD032 and TD029
(Click link for current price)

The waterproof Tesoro Tiger Shark uses mi- croprocessor technology to create a true dual function machine. In Normal Mode, the Tiger Shark works like any other Tesoro detector with the same great ground balance and discrimina- tion features. On land, the Tiger Shark can be used for coin and relic hunting and even gold prospecting. It also has a salt water mode.


• Interchangeable Coils tigersharkangled
• Normal & Salt Operating Modes
• Waterproof to 200 feet
• Built-in Headphones
• Ground Balance Control
• Expanded Discrimination
• Stereo Piezo Headphones


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