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 Prospecting: Drywashers, Gas Vacuums, Accessories
Prices subject to change without notice. For complete list, please see Mr. Detector Catalogue, drywashers, gas vaccuums, accessories.
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Gold Buddy Drywashers: Colt (small), Pony (medium) and Maverick (large)
#5729 (Colt) | #5728 (Pony) | #5727 (Maverick)

5727-8-9-gold-buddy A proven performer through the years, these Gold Buddy drywashers are made in Arizona and are designed to deliver years of service.

Features: Aluminum Hoppers and recovery boxes handcrafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. Zinc plated grizzlys, legs and riffles. Durable and rust free. Folding leg systems are plated steel thin wall square tubing. Shipped attached to drywasher. These drywashers are designed to use a 3-in. air hose, stock #-5128. They will run on any quality 3 in, 2-cycle leaf blower available from any lawn and garden store. (See details below.)

Dry-washer Counterweight
Fan Assembly
#-6076 | #-6077

6076-drywasher_fan_assembly These drywasher fans are designed for years of rugged service with sealed no-maintenance bearings. The counter weights are adjustable. We have two sizes. A small one for small to medium drywashers, like the Gold Buddy or Keene 140. A larger unit is available for large drywashers.

Fan blade only

#-5166 Replacement fan blade for the small unit, 4 inch fan with ¼” shaft.

#-5167 Replacement fan blade for the large unit, 5 inch fan with ¼” shaft.


Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Colt

The Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Colt: This is the smallest of the Gold Buddy drywasher family. It is 33” tall and the recovery box is 18” long and 6 ½” wide. Weighs only 11 pounds. Great choice if you are testing or have limited space.

Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Pony

The Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Pony: This unit is just slightly smaller than the Gold Buddy Maverick standing 38 inches tall. The recovery box is 21” long and 9” wide and the complete drywasher weighs only 15 pounds.

Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Maverick

The Gold Buddy Vibra-Lite Maverick stands 43" tall. The recovery box is 24” by 10” and the unit weighs approximately 26 lbs. with legs.

Gold Buddy Stallion

The largest capacity drywasher manufactured in the USA. Hopper: 35 1/2x21 1/2". Recovery box: 32x13". Total weight: 39lbs. Stands 54" tall. Includes JOBE Hurricane 4" blower, 10' 4" drywasher hose. 5-year limited warranty. See page 35 of our on-line catalog for more information.

Dry-washer Air Hose
#-5128 (3" hose) | #-5129 (4" hose)


Highly durable, lightweight black plastic hose for your drywasher. Specially manufactured for us to have as little resistance as possible because of its smooth bore. Comes in 10’ lengths with smooth collars on each end to allow easy hookups. Protected from UV damage.

Jobe Gold Ore Super Vac (Complete Assembly)


5581-super_vac_partsThe JOBE Gold Ore Super Vac is the most powerful gas powered vacuum designed for gold prospecting. This little workhorse sports the new Echo PB251 gas blower with a 25.4 cc two-cycle engine that delivers about 30% more suction than other gas vacuums on the market. The engine also has a 5 year factory warranty from Echo and is extremely quiet with a catalytic converter. The vacuum comes complete with a 2.5 inch vacuum hose that is 6 feet long, a gold grabbing crevice tool, and two-cycle oil for the engine. The entire package weighs only 14.9 pounds. The collection bucket is easy to open with a screw on lid. The discharge of the blower can be used to power a drywasher and comes complete with a quick disconnect to allow quick attachment of the drywasher hose.

Build your own gas-powered vacuum from our Vac Parts

We sell everything you need to convert your ordinary 5-gallon bucket and a gas-powered leaf blower into a gas-powered vacuum. You need our plastic vacuum adapter, the 6' 2-1/2" vacuum hose and the vacuum crevice tool. All you need is to attach your 2-cycle blower to the bucket lid to have a gas vac!

Vacuum Hose #-5793


6 feet of 2-1/2” vacuum hose.

Crevice Tool


Plastic crevice tool to help you get into the tight spots. 14” long.

Plastic Vacuum Adapter


Use this handy fitting to build your own gas vacuum from any 5 gallon bucket. Comes complete with screws and washers.

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