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 Prospecting: Miscellaneous Supplies
For these and more Prospecting Supplies, please see Mr. Detector Catalogue. Refer to index for specific items.
Prices listed in catalogue may not be current. If link available, check manufacturer's website for most current price.

Glass Display Vials . . . 6 sizes

Clear Glass vials

#-5014 A 2 dwt
#-5015 B 1/2 oz
#-5016 C 1 oz
#-5017 C 2 oz
#-5018 C 3 oz
#-5018 C 4 oz

The size of these vials are stated to the amount of placer gold they will hold.

Clear Plastic Plastic Vials . . . 3 sizes

Clear plastic vials

#-6582 1.83 ml
#-6853 4.43 ml
#-5034 19.52 ml

Vials with integrap cap side seal. These rugged vial are perfect for field use as they will not break if accidentally dropped. Screw caps with unique side seal are included.

5" Stainless Steel Tweezers


stainless steel tweezers

Fine point stainless steel tweezers for picking up small pieces of gold from your pan. Anti-magnetic. 5" long.

Angled-tip Stainless Steel Tweezers


angled tip tweezer

Same as #5004 (left) except with angled tip.

Plastic Suction Tweezers


plastic tweezers

Polypropylene tweezers make it easy to pick up even the finest gold out of your pan.

Plastic Funnel

plastic funnel

Small, unbreakable funnel perfect for filling sample vials with gold.

24" Gloves, Panning

Panning Gloves24-inch long black rubber panning gloves with textured fingers. Keep your hands dry when gold panning or working with a sluice, etc.

Gloves, Cotton Insulation

Cotton insulation gloves

Cotton gloves worn under the rubber panning gloves to insulate hands from cold water.

Snuffer Bottle

Snuffer BottleActs as a hand-held vacuum sucking gold out of your pan when plastic bottle is squeezed and released. Gold safely stored until you are ready to remove it from the bottle.

Snuffer Bottle Holster

bottle holsterLeather holster, holds snuffer bottle and secures safely to your belt for easy access. Snap release belt loop included. Snuffer bottle NOT included.

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