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 Prospecting: Sniping for Gold
For complete list of Gold Sniping Tools, please see Complete Catalogue, gold sniping.
Prices listed in catalogue may not be current. If link available, check manufacturer's website for most current price.

Gold Buddy Nugget Sucker . . . #-6023 1-1/2"

Hand operated gravel extractor is made of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe with an adjustable tension rubber plug. The T-handle is made of plated steel. Perfect for crevicing and sniping. Total length is about 30 inches. The vacuum chamber is 1 1/2 x 20 inches and the total weight of the unit is only 2 pounds.

Gold Buddy nugget sucker


Gold Buddy Magnum Nugget Sucker . . . #-6025 2"


Same as above only bigger. Made of 2 inch PVC pipe with an adjustable tension rubber plug. The T-handle is made of plated steel. Total length is about 36 inches. The vacuum chamber is 2 x 28 inches. Weighs a little over 3 pounds.


Spoon-type Crevice Tools. . . 4 sizes

#-6469 10" long Spoon crevice tools
#-6468 12" long
#-5034 16" long

These anodized steel crevide tools are the best performing crevice tools we have ever carried. One end has a traditional awl type point for scratching into narrow crevices while the other end is configured like a spoon for removing material from larger crevices.


Keene Premium Crevice Tool . . . #K-A27A

Keene crevice tool

This 20" long anodized crevice tool is constructed from hardened steel with a hook on one end and a spoon on the other. The spoon end is extremely handy for retrieving material from deep crevices.

12" Steel Crevice Tweezers

steel crevice tweezers

These big 12 inch long stainless steel tweezers are perfect for reaching into crevices to recover small gold nuggets.

JOBE 16" Steel Crevice Tool


Jobe crevice tool

16 inch long basic anodized steel crevice tool.

Bedrock Brush . . . 2 sizes
#-6464, 10" | #-6960, 6"


bedrock brush


Wood handle, tough bristles. Clean out shallow crevices and sweep up gold from exposed bedrock.

Jobe Snipe Scope

snipe scope



Viewing Tube. Aluminum body 4" wide x appx 11" long. Wood handle. Clear plastic lens alllows you to see clearly through the surface of water for sniping, etc.

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