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 Rockhounding: Mineral Identification & Specimens
Prices subject to change without notice. For complete list of Mineral Identification, please see Mr. Detector Catalogue, rockhounding

Deluxe Hardness Picks

Harndess picksThis set includes 8 points of durable metals of Moh's hardness 2 through 9, a grindstone to keep the points sharp, a magnet to detect magnetic rock, a compact wood case and complete instructions. Determining the hardness of minerals on the Moh's scale is essential to mineral identification. A streak plate is included for streak color test.

Hardness Sample Collection with Test Kit

hardness collection

The determination of the hardness of a mineral can be an important step in identification. This kit includes a sample of a mineral with each of the hardness characteristics from 1-9 on the Moh's scale. It also includes the basic tools to identify hardness, an iron nail, a ceramic streak plate and a piece of glass. Instruction are included.

10 White Streak Test Plates

test plates

These 1" x 2" unglazed porcelain tiles
are ideal for streak testing of mineral
samples. The streak test is essential in mineral identification because it retains the color of the mineral. This is a package of 10 plates.

Hubbard Scientific Rock & Mineral Sample Sets


Excellent reference collection and a valuable aid in identifying and comparing common, and rare rocks and minerals. These mounted collections display and identify common minerals and igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock. Each set is attractively boxed and includes a 15 page book, "Rocks and Minerals A Study Guide".

24 specimens
50 specimens
100 specimens

Fluorescent Minerals Collection

Flourescent minerals


This expanded collection allows a study in detail of the response of these minerals to ultraviolet light. Some respond to shortwave, some to longwave and some to both. Kit is 7 inches x 11 inches with 15 samples of minerals. The mineral samples are about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". By Hubbard Scientific.

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