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Prospecting & Rock Hounding Tools

prospector-mule-toolsNo self-respecting prospector would leave for a dig without his pick and shovel, and a host of other tools as well that help dig gold (or other metals) from crevices and other hard-to-reach places. This section of our catalouge presents tools (and accessories) you will need for chipping away at rock to releasing nuggets from bedrock. If you are searching for gold in creekbeds, please check the catalogue categories under "Prospecting."  Here, you will also find  a brief history of prospecting and how some of these tools were hisotrically used.

When working in the field, please remember to wear protective safety glasses.



Rock Picks & Hammers

Other Tools

 - Digging Tools

- Mortars & Pestles

 - Pry bars

 - Shovels


- Hammer/pick holders and belt sheathes

 - Safety glasses