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 Tools - Other Tools
For complete list of Tools, see Mr. Detector Catalogue, Tools. Index pg 3.
Prices listed in catalogue may not be current. If link available, check manufacturer's website for most current price.

Wilcox Stainless Steel Digging Tools

Wilcox stainless steel digging tools

A #-5008 (not shown) 10" /Wide.
A #-5009 10" /Narrow Blade 
B #-5010 11" /Wide Blade 

C #-5011 12" /Narrow Blade
D #-5012 14" /Wide Blade
Measurements, length x blade width

For those who prefer heavy duty (MADE IN THE U.S.A.) construction with economic pricing. The handles cannot separate from the tool because they are constructed of one solid piece of stainless steel. These tools have a depth gauge inscribed on the back and carry a full seven year unconditional warranty. Non-slip vinyl hand grip with a leather lanyard.

Double Folding Shovel



Tempered steel shovel fully extends to 23.5 inches and folds to a compact 9 x 6 inches. Can be configured as a hoe, shovel, stool or root saw. All steel construction.


Snoppy Grip

 Snoppy grip handle set

The Snappy Grip is the best product ever developed for fighting hand fatigue caused by uncomfortable or broken bucket handles. The two halves of each Snappy Grip snap together to replace the handle over the wire bail on your buckets. Comes in a pack of 2 sets. This ergonomic handle was designed to fit comfortably in your hand! It can reduce hand fatigue by more than 50% by distributing the weight over more of the surface area of your fingers, which will reduce the possibilities of arm, back, and shoulder injuries. It will also keep you from damaging the circulation in your hands and fingers. SNaPPY GRiPô Ergonomic Handles will actually make whatever your carrying seem much, much lighter.

Jobe Dig It

Jobe Dig it tool

3-in-1 design. High-quality steel blade, comfortable & durable handle. 11 in. long from tip to tip. Includes cowhide sheath with belt slots and spring steel belt clip. Blade is concave for scooping and there's a saw-tooth section to cut roots.

Pry Bar / Crevice Tool Set

crevice tool set

Set includes 4 crevice tool /pry bars in the following sizes: 6 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, and 19 inch. These hardened alloy steel crevice tools are drop forged and then hardened to make perfect tools for attacking the toughest bedrock cracks and crevices

Mortars & Pestles


Mortar & Pestle Sets - choose from two sizes in the drop down menu. Perfect for crushing small rocks to check for gold. Compact but heavy duty the Mini Mortar is cast iron and stands 3 1/4" high; weighs 5 pounds.

Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Polycarbonate safety glasses

Safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses provide greater impact protection than tempered glass lenses. Lenses are impact resistant, but may break under severe impact. Tested under American National Standard Institute. Made in Taiwan.

Estwing Safety Goggles

Estwing safety goggles

Always wear eye protection when using striking tools.


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