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 Tools - Rock Picks & Hammers
For complete list of Tools, see Mr. Detector Catalogue, Tools. Index pg 3.
Prices listed in catalogue may not be current. If link available, check manufacturer's website for most current price.

Jobe Light Duty Rock Pick

light duty rock pick


22 oz. drop-forged head and a sturdy fiberglass handle with a rubber grip.

22 Oz Jobe Rock Pick

Jobe 22 oz ock pick


22 oz. drop-forged in one piece with continuous forging grain from head to shaft. Rubber grip is shock absorbent and non-slip.

Estwing Supreme Rock Pick
#-p5194 14 oz
#-p5195 22 oz

Estwing supreme rock pick

Estwing quality one-piece forged pointed tip rock pick. Full polish with nylon-vinyl grip. Two models, 22 oz. 14 oz. total weights.

Estwing Extra Long Rock Pick

Estwing extra long rock pick


Same 22 oz. hammer, but with extra long handle for more prying leverage and power.

Estwing Leather Grip Rock Pick

Estwing leather grip rock pickHeavy Estwing quality one-piece forged pointed tip 22 ounce rock pick. Full polish with quality leather grip.

Groundghog Detector Pick

Groundhog Detector Rock PickHeavy duty pick. Hardwood handle with rubber grip. Pick / mattock steel head 9 in.long x 2-1/4 in. wide on mattock side. Overall length, 18 in. Weight 1-3/4 pounds. Powerful super magnet  included and attached to top of the tool. Made in the USA.

Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick

Estwing geo paleo rock pickEstwing has put this old favorite back into production again. 25 In. long. 4 lbs. Grey painted steel with  comfortable vinyl grip. Forged in one piece, Shock Reduction Grip molded directly to hammer handle reduces vibration up to 50%. Made in the USA.

Jobe Treasure Pick/Mattock

Jobe Treasure Pick / MattockSerious digger. 10 in. long tempered steel head . Mattock edge  3-1/4 in. wide. Overall length, 19 in. Total weight appx. 2 lbs. Durable fiberglass handle and  rubberized hand grip. Powerful super magnet attached to tool head.

The Crack Jack

Crack Jack

Quality 4 lb slide hammer and crevice tool. Perfect for gold prospecting or gem recovery. 22 in. long with a pointed chisel tip and pry bar tip.

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