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 Tools - Accessories
For complete list of Tools & Accessories, see Mr. Detector Catalogue, Tools, Accessories. Index pg 3.
Prices listed in catalogue may not be current. If link available, check manufacturer's website for most current price.

Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

Polycarbonate safety glasses

Safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses provide greater impact protection than tempered glass lenses. Lenses are impact resistant, but may break under severe impact. Tested under American National Standard Institute. Made in Taiwan.

Estwing Safety Goggles

Estwing safety goggles

Always wear eye protection when using striking tools.


Swivel Leather Holster

swivel leather tool holder

Works on all the detector hammers

Leather Belt Sheath


Carry either size of Estwing Combination Rock Hammer/Chisel easily and safely. Tan leather, 2 snaps to secure the head of the tool and loop  allows you to carry the hammer/chisel on your belt -- or even on the strap of a backpack. 8-1/4 in.x 3-1/2" in. x 1-1/2" and fits belt or strap up to 2 in.  wide.

Hammer & Pick Holder


Specially designed to work with all detector picks especially with super magnets. This heavy black webbing material holds the hammer quietly and securely to your belt. It has no metal parts for the super magnet to grab.

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